Lake Geneva Economic Development Corporation (LGEDC) [originally called the Geneva Lake Development Corporation] was organized as a non-profit corporation in 1981 designed to unify Lake Geneva public and private organizations to increase community-wide economic development and local neighborhood improvement.

Governed by a board of 12 community volunteers representing businesses, residents, and the City, LGEDC is funded through the sale of land in the Lake Geneva Business Park. Over the years much has been accomplished, especially with the cooperative efforts of the City of Lake Geneva (City) and LGEDC, as well as other organizations.

LGEDC Mission

The Lake Geneva Economic Development Corporation is designed to coordinate the activities of the public and private sectors so as to constructively use the resources of each in the achievement of community-wide economic development and local neighborhood improvement.

The corporation is intended to help stabilize the local economy, provide incentives for local investment, help establish and attract environmentally desirable businesses, increase and diversify local tax base, provide jobs for the unemployed and establish the principle that development programs can be operated with public participation.

LGEDC Objectives

  1. Retain existing employers and provide assistance as they plan expansions.
  2. Act as a central point of contact for businesses looking to locate to Lake Geneva.
  3. Improve local neighborhoods either through economic development or environmental improvements.
  4. Assist small or start-up businesses to start and/or grow in Lake Geneva.
  5. Act as the coordinating agency in bringing together interested parties to develop specific community improvement projects.

LGEDC Accomplishments

  1. Developed and filled the 124 acre “Lake Geneva Business Park” adding hundreds of jobs and $55 million in tax base to the City of Lake Geneva.
  2. Purchased a 100 acre site to become the Business Commons of Lake Geneva, the second business park in the City of Lake Geneva developed by LGEDC.
  3. Coordinated efforts for initial Wrigley Drive and downtown improvements.
  4. Coordinated efforts to extend Highway 120 from Highway 50 to Pilgrim Church corner.
  5. Made grants and loans available to local businesses to expand.
  6. Assisted the City of Lake Geneva in acquiring both Veterans and Fermano Parks for the recreational use of Lake Geneva area residents.
  7. Initiated “Hospitality Management Program” which became a cooperative educational effort between local high schools, GTC, UW-Stout and the local hospitality industry.

  8. Purchased the former Traver Hotel and with help from the City of Lake Geneva, the site was razed in 2016. 

  9.  Lake Geneva architect Jason Bernard is building a new professional complex; completion due summer 2020.

2024 LGEDC Board of Directors

  • President – Michael Ploch, Community State Bank of Union Grove
  • Vice President – DeWayne Egly, Citizen Member
  • Secretary – Richard Torhorst, Attorney
  • Treasurer – Michael Dunn, Citizen Member
  • Executive Director – Andrew Dammeir
  • George Chironis, Lake Geneva Schools
  • Stephanie Klett, Visit Lake Geneva
  • Brian Polland, Fairwyn Development
  • Jon Chamberlain, Citizen Member
  • Larry Austin, Midwest Precision Molding
  • Cindy Yager, City Official

Our Team

Andrew J. Dammeir, Executive Director
Lake Geneva Economic Development Corporation
908 Wells Street
Lake Geneva, WI 53147



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